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Robin Miller Artisan Jewelry

From My Hands to Your Heart

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Robin Miller Artisan Jewelry
From My Hands to Your Heart

Every piece of jewelry tells a story.  Let Robin Miller Artisan Jewelry tell yours. 

Robin Miller Artisan Jewelry is made one piece at a time,  by hand,  from my original designs. 

I may start with a gemstone that sparks a creative idea.  Then I sketch my design and choose the metal I'll use.  I add texture with a rolling mill, and saw out all the components that go into the piece. I use the traditional skill of forging to hammer the metal into shape and solder the elements together with my torch.  Finally, I complete the piece by setting the stones and polishing.

The work reflects my mood and state of mind - When I'm calm and centered, playful or adventurous, you can see it in the final piece of jewelry. When you see a piece of hand-crafted jewelry, made this way, it's hard not to see that the heart and soul of the maker goes into it. Jewelry that is mass-produced, on the other hand, is not wrong for many people, but it's not the same.  My work is one of a kind, and no one but the person who buys it has anything like it. 

I'm a member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. I've taken many metalsmithing workshops and classes to develop my skills. Working out of my studio in Bucks County, PA, I'm surrounded by woods and the sounds of birds. I am passionate about what I do, and I love meeting the people who buy my jewelry at fine arts and crafts festivals. 




"I haven't taken this extraordinary necklace off since receiving it. I am grateful and overjoyed. Again, thank you so much, Robin" - 

J.J., New York

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