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How Should I Care for My Jewelry

All sterling silver will oxidize when exposed to air, perspiration, and chemicals, but just a little care is all you need to keep your jewelry sparkling and beautiful.


Enjoy your jewelry for all occasions - but not in the shower, the ocean, swimming pool or hot tub, or while working out.  Avoid contact with harsh commercial cleaners. A Sunshine polishing cloth will remove any tarnish that accumulates.

Copper pieces from Robin Miller Artisan Jewelry have been treated with Protectaclear, a jeweler's protective coating.  Depending on your body chemistry, you may find that the copper darkens or imparts a color on skin. Not to worry: Copper is an element that has germ-killing properties. And its luster can be restored, believe it or not, by gently rubbing with a soft cloth dipped in ketchup!

Remember to take your jewelry off before swimming in a chlorinated pool, before showering and before going to sleep. Many people like to store their jewelry in a protective plastic bag. To protect your jewelry, it should be the last thing you put on when getting dressed and the first thing you take off when getting undressed.

Does Robin Miller Artisan Jewelry Accept Payment  Plans? 

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of jewelry but this might not be the best time to make full payment, please contact me and ask about a payment plan. 

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