How Should I Care for My Jewelry

All sterling silver will oxidize when exposed to air, perspiration, and chemicals. But a little bit of care is all you need to keep your sterling silver jewelry sparkling and beautiful.

Enjoy your jewelry for all occasions - but not in the shower, the ocean, swimming pool or hot tub, or while working out.

Avoid contact with harsh commercial cleaners. A Sunshine polishing cloth will remove any tarnish that accumulates.

Copper pieces from Robin Miller Artisan Jewelry have been treated with Protectaclear, a jeweler's protective coating. Depending on your body chemistry, you may find that the copper darkens or imparts a color on skin. Not to worry: Copper is an element that has germ-killing properties. And its luster can be restored, believe it or not, by gently rubbing with a soft cloth dipped in ketchup!


Remember to take your jewelry off before swimming in a chlorinated pool, before showering and before going to sleep. Many people like to store their jewelry in a protective plastic bag. To protect your jewelry, it should be the last thing you put on when getting dressed and the first thing you take off when getting undressed.